Praxisteam Schranz Kuhfus-Mair

Petra Heinz

A Medical Assistant who has worked in our practice since 2003. The mother of two grown daughters, and the friendly face that you see at the reception desk. Petra remains calm under pressure and always has a kind word to say no matter how hectic the environment. Her organisational skills are indispensable.

Praxisteam Schranz Kuhfus-Mair

Ulrike Roka

A Medical Assistant, who has worked in our practice since 1998. The mother of a school-aged son is primarily responsible for the administration of psychological and developmental neurology tests. She assists in the examination rooms and at the reception desk. Ulrike has a unique rapport with the children and offers useful parental tips.

Praxisteam Schranz Kuhfus-Mair

Stefanie Henning

A Medical Assistant who has worked part-time in our practice since 2012. The mother of two school-aged children is considered the “ fire extinguisher”, always assisting when needed due to personnel shortages. Stefanie is especially experienced in dealing with children due to her main occupation as a child provider. She performs all duties in our medical practice.

Team der Gemeinschaftspraxis Schranz und Kuhfus-Mair